Mastering Urban Logistics with PTV Smartour

The new functionalities of PTV Smartour 2017.2
PTV Smartour is the leading software solution for route optimisation. Equipping you with the tools you need to master the challenges of Urban Logistics. Save miles and time despite increasing traffic, long queues at the loading bay, and municipal restrictions – all while enhancing the use of your enterprise resources and uncovering the fastest way to transport your goods.

>> Realistic travelling times in urban areas
Schedule orders with smart time windows in a small-scaled delivery area as cost-effectively as possible. PTV Smartour 2017.2 enables you to optimise routes by implementing your own knowledge about the local traffic situation in urban areas and analysing the effects on the route planning process.

>> Plan and optimise geographically compact territories
Summarise orders into small territories to provide a basis for spatially compact and evenly balanced trips. Recalculate and optimise unbalanced precombined trips automatically with a single click.

>> Smart time windows
Accommodate customers’ business hours and preferred delivery times by planning routes around them. Easily optimise your routes regarding time windows by using the new smart time windows functionality.

>> Reschedule routes in execution
Regardless of how thoroughly you plan your routes, there will always be unexpected events that require spontaneous rescheduling. With PTV Smartour 2017.2 this is not a problem. Should you need to make an additional last minute stop along the way, the software helps you to determine the best route for new orders, such as pickups in the afternoon.

>> Taking into account the range of electric vehicles
Integrate the maximum driving distance per trip into the vehicle profiles for your electric vehicles. This ensures that the maximum reach of your electric vehicles is considered in the planning process.
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